5 Car Insurance Hacks That May Help You Save Money

Paying for car insurance is sometimes annoying, but it is an unavoidable responsibility. However, it would be more irritating if you knew you could pay less and your current insurer still charges you more. Before you shop around for cheap car insurance, familiarise yourself with these 5 car insurance hacks that may help you save money.

1. Raising the deductible

Increasing the deductibles could extensively lower your car premium. However, before you choose a higher deductible, ensure you have enough money set aside to pay it anytime you want to claim. Remember, you might need to pay your deductible one day, so do not commit to the amount more than you can pay.

2. Bundle several policies

Whether you have several or one car, rent or own a home, insuring all your properties with one insurance company may help you save money with extra discounts on your policy. Many insurance companies in the UK issue a single bill for any policy you have underwritten by them. This makes it easy and quick for you to manage and organise your monthly insurance bill.

3. Invest in security equipment

There are various safety-enhancing features in the market that could provide the safety and security, while lowering your insurance rates. Some of these devices may prevent thieves from breaking into your car or track how you drive on the road. For instance, if you have a dashboard camera, the footage can be used to show that you were not on the wrong should you involve in an accident.

4. Compare car insurance quotes

Loyalty does not pay with insurance. It is always smart to get a few quotes with different insurance companies, even if you or your family insurance needs have not changed to ensure that you are getting one of the best deals in the market. Remember, don’t shop only by price: ask relatives and friends for their recommendations.

5. Park your car in a garage

Statistically, cars packed inside a garage are less likely to get involved in accidents or be stolen. Even though it might not make a significant impact on your premium, leaving your car in a garage overnight may lower your premium rates with some insurers. This is because there will be lower chances of theft and run-ins as compared to the street.

Bild: bigstockphoto.com / GalinaVdovenko