5 Mutual Funds To Get You Started

A mutual fund is a low risk scheme where you spread your investment. The layout of a specific fund is also known as a portfolio which composed of various assets which, all things being equal, will dutifully show a profit.

You need to be wary of exit loads and tracking errors. An example of why exit loads might be seen with Brexit when many investors wished to escape a specific fund before the results of Brexit came out. The problem here is that they would have had to pay an exit fee. A Tracking error is to look at the past and think you can predict the future.


In investing in S&P500 you may be due a good return (it has been 123% in the past) but, as always things are unclear. 35% of its assets are in dollars, but 20% are in gold. Growth stocks only consist of 15%. The portfolio in this case is permanent.

The ICICi Prudential Mutual Fund

The ICICi Prudential Mutual Fund seems to be set up in the same way. In August 2016 The yield appears to be improving but it can never grow too much. The philosophy is against aggressive investments and towards reasonably safe bets.

J P Morgan Funding

J P Morgan Funding is connected to Hargreaves Lansdown. It could be done online, or over the phone. It describes itself as multi-asset, as mutual funds will be, but more flexible than the funds described above.

Black Rock

Black Rock is a Income and Trust Investment Trust. They say that they only invest in companies with strong cash flow, unlike the names above they are not relying in currency or gold. They believe that companies need time to recover from any problems due to investment, which sounds problematic?


Vanguard believe that investing in mutual funds helps cushion a loss. The idea is to get a whole portfolio into one specific fund. They wish to tailor the fund that you invest in to get the best yield for you.

Bild: bigstockphoto.com / JohnKwan