How to Find Hidden Deals in Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

There’s no need to pay over the odds for home insurance. There are many hidden deals and discounts you may be eligible for, which you might not be aware of. For home owners signing up for new insurance cover they will be asked a series of questions by the insurance company to see which discounts might apply. For current home owner insurance customers, when it comes to renewing insurance, there are also a number of discounts and deals to be had. Getting cheap home insurance doesn’t have to be difficult so don’t miss out on hidden deals and money-saving opportunities.

Insurance companies want your business

Let’s face it, insurance companies want your business. They are willing to reward customers especially those taking out multiple policies. These can include home insurance, car, motorbike, travel, pet and life insurance. In many cases you can save as much as up to 30% when buying multiple insurance policies in one go. Getting back to home owner’s insurance. Depending on the level of risk you’re able to handle, deals can be had with insurance premiums by going with a high-deductible policy. The deductible is simply the amount of the loss that you have to make up out of your own pocket before insurance kicks in.

Let the insurance company know about your security system

Don’t miss out on hidden discount deals and lower premium costs which could be yours by letting the insurance company know about home security systems. This includes fire alarms, carbon monoxide sensors, burglary systems and CCTV security. Some insurance firms offer 20% discounts off premiums for properties that have security systems in place. Another way to benefit from cheap home insurance is by being loyal to your insurance company. Insurance firms want you to remain a customer for as long as possible which is why loyalty can pay off. Expect as much as 10% loyalty reductions off the cost of a policy. Having a high credit score can also result in lower home insurance premiums so save cash by keeping your credit score high.