Startup Business: The Essence of a Great Elevator Pitch

The idea for your startup business is fantastic, you’re convinced it’s a sure-fire winner and you want potential clients or investors on side. But, are you ready with a message that gets your ideas across in words people can relate to or is your presentation disorganised and lacking an impact? If so, now’s the time to put together a winning “elevator pitch”.

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a persuasive speech that introduces and creates interest in your startup business to potential clients or investors. It should be short and snappy and no longer than 30 seconds. That’s around the time an elevator ride lasts, hence the term’s name. A successful elevator pitch should be straightforward but memorable so that when your listener walks away the unique selling point of your startup business is fixed in their mind.

How to create a great elevator pitch

Invest as much effort in your elevator pitch as in a business plan. Start by stating your main idea and what your business does, bringing in words that your listener can relate to and that offer their business some tangible value. Then go on to identify your startup’s major USP, this should be the main body of your pitch. Finish with an open-ended question that makes listeners think about an answer and embeds your words in their mind. Remember to work slight variations on your elevator pitch, ready for different audiences and back it up with an enthusiastic approach and physical reminders like business cards or brochures.

Bringing it altogether

Think about your body language and speech patterns as you present your elevator pitch. Your excitement should really shine out. Time yourself and edit your pitch until it takes fewer than 30 seconds to deliver. Now get someone you trust to watch and listen and give you honest and useful feedback, before practising it again and again until you’re delivering it with a totally natural performance. Now you’re set to go out and deliver a winning startup pitch. Good luck with your new business!

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