Tips on How to Start A Business With No Money

Do you have a great business idea or fascinated with establishing and growing your own business, but you have no money to start it up? Well, it is possible to start your own business with no money whatsoever if you properly explore the available choices and understand what you are doing. Here are top eight tips on how to start a business with no money.


If you want to work with tangible products, you can eliminate the need for start-up capital by simply outsourcing the products on a per use basis. You can use the generated income to start your business. However, it is important to choose your outsourcing partner wisely.

Partner up

Carefully determine the niche of your business and create a partnership with an existing business that complements yours. Fortunately, with enough work and good ideas, you can attract and work with any established business.

Government grants and loans

A number of UK local, regional and state government agencies exist mainly to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Many offer grants and loans to enable you get started. Do your research find the best agency in your area that can help you.


Crowdfunding websites are another option. With a short professional profile video describing your business idea for investors, you can raise funds without providing percentages or control of your business.

Angel investors

Try to shift through your network, looking for financial investors who can help start your business. Many investors love promising business ideas and often help entrepreneurs start off. They normally invest in exchange of small ownership stake in the business, which is a sacrifice worth taking into consideration.

Friends and family

Never rule out the option of getting assistance from family and friends, even if you have to collect the capital from many sources. Your family and friends can lend you some money to help you start the business at lower interest or no interest.

Offer a service

One of the greatest ways to start a business without money is to open service oriented dealing. You do not need an office space or manufacturing products, leaving you mainly on a business based on your expertise.

Sometimes it might be difficult and stressful, but that is part of entrepreneurship. You can still start a business with no money. Don’t give up!

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